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This is a forum for Canadian scouters to discuss the uniqueness with is Scouts Canada and any scouting related topics. We are not limited exclusively Canadian scouters, but encourage membership and participation of scouters of other nations as well as girl scouts/girl guides.

This is a new community created July 5/04. If you have other suggestions ofr Interests, please let me know! If you have questions please contact Scouter Kelli, but note I don't check my email on that account as frequently during the summer.

When you join, please introduce yourself:
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adventure, adventuring, alberta, archery, arts & crafts, astrology, astronomy, backpacking, baden powell, badges, be prepared, beaver, beaver buggies, beaver scouts, beavers, bikes, biking, boating, boats, boys, bp, bring on the adventure, british columbia, campfire, campfires, camping, canada, canadian, canoe, canoeing, challenge, chief scout award, climbing, co-educational, communications, compass, conservation, country, court of honour, cpr, crafts, cub, cub cars, cub scouts, cubs, do your best, environment, extreme adventure, first aid, forestry, friends, friendship, fun, games, girls, good turns, high-adventure, hiking, horseback riding, horsemanship, horses, hunting, kayak, kayaking, king venturer award, knives, knots, kub kars, labrador, leadership, lone scout, manitoba, marksmanship, mountain biking, nature walks, new brunswick, newfoundland, northwest territories, nova scotia, nunavut, ontario, orienteering, outdoor, patches, personal interest, pioneer, play, prince edward island, program, programming, quebec, queen venturer award, rock-climbing, rover, rover round table, rover scouts, rovering, rovers, rowing, sailing, saskatchewan, scout, scouting, scoutrees, scouts, scouts canada, sea scout, sea scouts, sea venturers, service, sharing, shooting, skates, skating, skills, skits, sleepovers, snorkelling, socialization, songs, spirituality, sports, stars, venturer, venturer scouts, venturer square table, venturers, venturing, voyager, wilderness, wolf cub, wolf cubs, yukon